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2018 Was a Great Year for Diversity on Magazine Covers

By Celebrity News / Published on Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 06:55 AM / No Comments / 30 views
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Today Fashionista released its annual review of diversity on magazine covers, and it’s a lot of good news. Diversity was up this year 17% from 2017 — a record jump since the publication began keeping track five years ago. Fashionista counted the domestic newsstand editions of nine print magazines, and found that in total 62 out of the 128 covers counted starred people of color. That’s over 48 percent!

InStyle took the top spot in having not only the highest percentage of people of color on its covers (75 percent), but it was also the most improved. This year nine out of 12 InStyle covers featured women of color, a steep rise over last year’s two out of 12.

It wasn’t all good news. Fashionista reported a “stunning lack of Asian inclusion across the board,” as well as mediocre representation in terms of age, size, and LQBTQ+ peoples.  That being said, this is still a huge win. The large spike in cover diversity, paired with last season’s spike in runway diversity, bodes well for 2019. Lets keep it up!

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